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Memorial keepsake pendants by ASHA are the perfect way to keep your loved ones ashes with you forever. You can wear the pendant on the daily and bring it with you on your travels around the world, or simply keep it on display at your home. ASHA glass memorial pendants are made with the renowned glass : borosilicate. Borosilicate glass is know for it’s beauty and it’s strength. 

Memorial Keepsake EARTH Pendant

  • Once you have placed your order, you then must send only one tablespoon of ashes by mail to ASHA glass studios. It’s simple ans efficiant. Place one tablespoon of ashes per pendant in a sealable plastic bag and send it to us.Once we have revieved the ashes we make the memorial keepsake pendant and send it back to you by mail with any remaining ashes as well.

    Mailing address for ashes :

    ASHA glass Studios

    2494 Chemin du Lac Sauvage 


    Quebec, Canada

    J0T 2A0

    *Colour of the ashes may vary