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ASHA Pendants are filled with white sand from Mozambique Africa !

ASHA glass pendants are not only unique pieces of glass jewelry,

They represent a life style ! Travel and create, love the process.

white sand for ASHA glass pendants from Mozambique Africa
One of the beaches in Mozambique that I grabbed some sand from to make my new collection of white sand glass jewels.

The Creations that I make are reflections of the beauty that still exists in this world. ASHA glass jewels are small, handmade glass vials filled with organic matter from all around the world. I travelled to Mozambique, Africa in search of material for a new collection of glass jewelry, not only did I find the most beautiful, granular white sand, I also encountered many beautiful creatures along the way. ASHA glass jewelry is a fusion of my greatest passions: travel : the discovery of our beautiful planet and the creation of glass

art and glass blowing.

glass jewelry filled with sand from Mozambique, Africa
Wild elephants that I encountered when searching for sand for my new collection of glass jewelry.

ASHA Asha glass jewelry filled with white sand from Mozambique
Two cheetahs I spotted taking care of eachother in the wild

Handmade glass pendants filled with white sand
The Outcome : Long slender glass pendants filled with the sand I brought back to my studio from Mozambique

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